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Famous Eulogies for American Presidents [Video]

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos, John Ashworth


None of us will live forever. That’s simply the reality of your mortality.

Prior to my work here at Frazer Consultants I thought about that maybe a little, but very little at all. Now that I’m here and I’m reading blog posts like the one on the Frazer Consultants’ blog about presidential eulogies in celebration of President’s Day this February, I’m more connected with the idea that when you think about what kind of legacy you want to leave today, you have a real opportunity to improve and enhance your life for yourself and those around you, right now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this especially as I read the eulogies of great presidents like Washington, and Lincoln, and Roosevelt. And what I’ve discovered as I’ve read those and I’ve gotten inspired by those eulogies, they have left us a tremendous legacy which is inspiring people like myself even today. And maybe even forever.

What will people say about you when you’re gone? And what can you do today to leave your own legacy that will live on long after you’re gone?

There’s a great line from the eulogy of President Abraham Lincoln written by Reverend Edward Cutter. And I want to read that to you just to finish because it’s such a great summation this idea. “But the victor may die, and the victory not be lost. The seed ripens for the harvest, though the hand of the sower is cold in death.”

It’s this idea that while you’re here you have an opportunity, a tremendous opportunity, to affect people every single day. I appreciate you watching this video. To check out the blog post go to the Frazer Consultants blog by clicking the link below this video. Take care.


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