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The Meaningful Funeral — Issue 4 [Video]

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos, John Ashworth


Believe it or not, better than 50% of your website visitors are finding you on their phone. Is your website responsive? Is it ready to handle traffic and visitors from any size device? Inside this issue of The Meaningful Funeral publication, we cover this topic at length.

In addition to other topics that are very important for the overall strategic marketing of your funeral home. We talk about the importance of responsive design on your website; how that helps your search engine optimization; how that helps people read the information on their phone and get what they need to learn about you, so they can make a decision about what to do for their end-of-life experiences.

Now, it’s not just responsiveness, but also, it’s about fresh content and marketing and myths, and everything that you need to be doing to market your funeral home. We have received a ton of terrific feedback on this publication, and we are making it better and better each time we bring it out.

To read this issue of The Meaningful Funeral publication, check your mailbox or click the link below this video.

The Meaningful Funeral — Issue 4


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