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Social Media Engagement Tips for Funeral Directors [Video]

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Funeral Profession Videos


Hi, I’m Sam Giedris, the social media and video specialist here at Frazer Consultants. Here at Frazer, we know that as funeral directors, you don’t have a lot of time to set aside for something like social media. Your goal on social media should be to create long-term relationships with your community. Posting obituaries from your website to your social media platforms is great, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy, because it will only create short-term engagement.

If you’re hosting any events at your funeral home, like a holiday remembrance event, you can create an event on Facebook in addition to emailing your client families. You can post reminders as the event gets closer on your Facebook page and encourage members of your community to join. You can also post on your social media channels about holidays and ask the members of your community how they’re celebrating. Including questions in your posts can increase comments and other engagement.

If you have a blog, be sure to share your posts on your social media accounts so you can increase engagement. A quick tip for sharing on Instagram is to include the link to your website in your Instagram bio. That way on posts, you can mention the link in bio if you’re trying to refer people to your website or an obituary. If you post a link in your post, it can’t be copied or clicked on, so it won’t drive any additional website traffic.

We know you don’t always have time to plan out social media strategies in advance, especially long-term strategies, which is why we created our social media kits. The social media kits include posts for major holidays, national days like grief awareness day, and ideas for memorialization and more.

We also offer a customer-exclusive kit, which includes even more posts for Facebook and Twitter as well as Instagram posts and blog prompts. To download the free version of our social media kit, click the link below. And if you’re a Frazer customer, you can find your exclusive kit on the left side of your admin panel’s dashboard. 

Download free the social media kit.


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