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Free Resources We Provide That Will Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing

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At Frazer Consultants, our marketing and design teams work together to create valuable marketing resources for funeral directors. The best part? They’re all free!

Below, we have shared our best free resources that will benefit your funeral home’s marketing efforts.


Our eBooks cover a variety of topics that are helpful for funeral directors. Each eBook focuses on one topic and gives you an in-depth look at it. Some of our recent eBooks cover personalization, choosing the perfect funeral flowers, video marketing, and direct mail marketing.

Social Media Kits

Our free social media kits are a great way to start creating a social media presence. All you have to do is download the kit, copy and paste the text from the PDF, and pair it with the images provided. Many of the posts can be posted on any day of the month, though there are also day-specific posts too.

The Meaningful Funeral

We create our own magazine called The Meaningful Funeral. Each issue focuses on a different theme. For instance, our most recent issue focused on creating a user- and mobile-friendly website to better serve your client families.

We send a physical copy to all funeral homes in the United States and Canada. If you noticed your funeral home is not receiving one, please reach out to us at 866-372-9372 or email us at You also can download a digital copy on our Resources Page.

Media Kits

Currently, we have three media kits: Crowdfunding, Financing, and Holiday Remembrance Program, and we have several more in the works!

The crowdfunding media kit helps you market Tribute Crowdfunding, the financing media kit helps you market Tribute Loans and funeral financing, and the holiday remembrance program kit helps you advertise your holiday remembrance program.

Our media kits come with things such as social media posts, press release templates, brochures, sample event scripts, and sample invitations.

Case Studies

Curious about the results of a Frazer-powered website? Check out our case studies to see the transformation of a few of our clients’ websites. They include a before and after, a Q&A with the funeral director, and notable changes with a new website.

If you’re interested in any of these free marketing resources, check out our Resources Page


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