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How to Conduct Marketing Research for Your Funeral Home [Video]

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession, Funeral Profession Videos


Hi, I’m Samantha Ward, and I’m the marketing manager here at Frazer Consultants. Today, I want to talk to you about researching potential clients, so that you can better market your funeral home.

To start, you’ll want to conduct secondary research. And even though “secondary” is in the name, it’s actually the research you want to do first. Secondary research involves researching already published data, like demographic information. Online resources like the U.S. Census Bureau and, as well as print resources from your local library are great places to start. Demographics that are relevant to your research may include population, age, religion, gender, or any other number of factors.

Once you’ve researched current data, it’s time to do your own primary research by conducting interviews and surveys in your community. Surveys can give you great data about your whole community. And it’s important that you compare that information with what you found in your secondary research. With interviews, you can ask more specific questions of your families like how much they want to pay for a funeral or whether or not they want a viewing.

Once you finish your primary and secondary research, it’s important to establish your funeral home’s brand. When you think about your brand, it’s not just your logo or the colors that are associated with your funeral home, it’s all about the feeling that families get when they hear your name. Brainstorming adjectives that you hope families use when describing your staff for your funeral home is a great place to start. When thinking about your brand, you should also think about the research that you conducted and make sure that your brand reflects your community.

After conducting your research and thinking more about your brand, now you can create buyer personas. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your funeral home’s client families. For example, if your community is made up mostly of Christians or Atheists, you can create two different buyer personas to represent those two different types of people in your community.

Once you’ve created the personas of the families that your funeral home will serve, you’ll be better prepared to meet, or exceed, their expectations.

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