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How a Responsive Website Makes Viewing Obituaries Easier [Video]

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Profession Videos


Hi, I’m Renee Richveis, and I am a Sales Consultant here at Frazer Consultants. And today we’re going to talk about responsive websites and why it’s important to have one for your funeral home.

Let’s talk about what responsive actually means. So, a responsive website is going to adjust or respond to the type of screen you’re viewing it on. So, whether those visiting your website are on a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or any other device for that matter, they’re easily going to be able to navigate and view your website in its entirety.

Today more so than ever, much of the traffic driven to your website is from a mobile device. And of that traffic, about 80% of people are searching for obituary information. Frazer has taken many advances to make sure that our obituaries are not only easy to navigate but familiar for those leaving condolences or even simply looking for service information.

Responsive website designs are among the numerous changes Google has made to ensure that websites are searchable to the public. So, having a responsive website also impacts your SEO and how you’re ranking in search engine results. Those search engines are determining your rankings based on ease of use, responsiveness of your website, and additionally the content that is displayed.

To learn more about how responsive websites can benefit your funeral home, please give us a call at 866-372-9372 or click here to schedule a demonstration with our consultants today.


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