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Introducing Our Brand-New Media Kits

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Payment Options

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When you choose a Frazer-powered website, you’re also choosing the innovative solutions it comes with. That’s why our team has been working hard to create new media kits to help funeral homes market these solutions. The best part? They’re completely free!

Each media kit is designed around a different service that’s included on your Frazer-powered website. They make it easier than ever to market these services to families, saving your funeral home valuable time.

Below we have highlighted what each of our free media kits includes. For even more free marketing materials, visit our Resources page.

Tribute Pay Media Kit

Our Tribute Pay feature is definitely something your funeral home will want to market to families, and this media kit has you covered. With Tribute Pay, families have multiple ways to pay for their loved one’s funeral service. This all-in-one payment platform gives them the following payment options: Tribute Crowdfunding, Tribute Loans, Tribute Insurance Assignments, credit card processing, and eChecks.

This media kit includes social media posts and a press release.

Tribute Crowdfunding Media Kit

This media kit covers everything families need to know about Tribute Crowdfunding. With Tribute Crowdfunding, they can start a crowdfunding campaign to cover funeral expenses. This way they can afford to honor their loved one, and your funeral home gets paid up front.

This media kit includes social media posts, a press release, and sample calls-to-action that you can add to obituaries for donations.

Tribute Insurance Assignments Media Kit

This media kit is all about Tribute Insurance Assignments — an alternative funeral payment option. With Tribute Insurance Assignments, families can use life insurance claims as funeral payments. Within 24-48 hours, the claim is verified for funding, meaning families can pay your funeral home right away.

This media kit includes social media posts and a press release.

Tribute Loans Media Kit

Offering Tribute Loans to your client families is just another way to show your funeral home cares about their financial situation. With Tribute Loans, families can easily apply for a loan and choose from a variety of lenders. This way, your funeral home gets paid right away, and they can focus on planning their loved one’s funeral service.

This media kit includes social media posts and a press release.

Holiday Remembrance Program Media Kit

Hosting a holiday remembrance program is a great way to bring families into your funeral home and show them you care. Since hosting an event takes a lot of work, we created this media kit to help you advertise your holiday remembrance program.

This media kit includes social media posts, a sample script and agenda for your event, suggested readings for your event, sample invitations and RSVP forms, images of Frazer ornaments, and a press release.

Websites Media Kit

Did you just get a new Frazer-powered website? Let families know their web experience with you will be better than ever! Now, they can easily view your website on any device since all of our websites are responsive.

This media kit includes social media posts and a press release.


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