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Funeral Home Happenings — November 25, 2019

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Funeral Home Happenings

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Funeral directors and funeral home owners constantly strive to improve themselves for their community and the families they serve.

Unfortunately, they don’t often get the recognition they deserve. That’s why Frazer Consultants regularly features the accomplishments of funeral directors and funeral homes in our Funeral Home Happenings blog. See what your peers and colleagues have been up to lately!

If you or someone you know deserves recognition, email us at We’d love to feature you or them in our next installment of Funeral Home Happenings!

Remembrance Ceremony Hosted by Funeral Home

Gluekert Funeral Home in Arlington Heights is hosting a holiday remembrance candlelight service. They invite everyone to come and honor their late loved ones.

Read more at Daily Herald.

Funeral Home Prides Itself for Personalized Services

Walker Funeral Home serves clients of all backgrounds. They make sure to personalize their funeral services to bring comfort to grieving families.

Read more at Trib Live.

Former Hospital Site Redeveloped into Funeral Home

Russel & Pica Funeral Homes will build their third location here. They look forward to being “an asset to the community itself.”

Read more at Taunton Daily Gazette.

Funeral Director Wins Business Award

Funeral Director Courtney N. Gallop of Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. was awarded The InsideBusiness Journal Women in Business Achievement Award.

Read more at The Coastland Times.

Funeral Home Celebrates 100 Years of Service

Applegate Funeral Home has been serving its community for a century.

Read more at WKTV News Channel 2.


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Funeral directors and funeral home owners constantly strive to improve themselves for their community and the families they serve. ...

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