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Frequently Asked Questions About Frazer Consultants’ Tribute Store [Video]

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Profession Videos


Hi! My name is Jenna Alberts, and I’m the Tribute Store Manager with Frazer Consultants. I work with florists, funeral home directors, and customers every day and get a lot of common questions, so I wanted to take a couple minutes today with you guys and answer those questions for you.

As long as a funeral home has a W9 on file with Frazer, they are able to receive 14% commission on all eligible sales. Commissions are sent every quarter a month after the quarter has ended.

Funeral homes can work with any florists they choose and up to as many as they’d like. When we work with our florists, we allow them to choose what products are available, and we allow them to also set their prices.

When choosing your florists, you can pick one as a primary and others as a back-up, or we can rotate them equally on a round-robin system.

If we send your florist an order that they are unable to fulfill, they always have the option to refuse the order, and then we’ll send it to another one of your florists or to another local florist in the area.

We understand when you have questions you need them answered quickly, so feel free to reach out to us 24/7 by calling our funeral home hotline for the Tribute Store at 866-303-1880 or by emailing us at To see answers to other frequently asked questions, visit our help portal


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